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Workshops and Presentations on Other Topics or Custom-created

  • These are typically shorter programs of up to 2-hours in length that can be delivered in-person or virtually on a specific topic or can be a longer program that has been specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of your organization.
  • This type of program can be incorporated into conferences, meetings, onboarding, employee training, leadership programs, monthly or quarterly initiatives, strategic initiatives for employees, and other initiatives. It can also be a stand-alone program that your employees need or want.
  • In-person programs are ideal when organizations: have many employees together at one site, bring together employees from different sites to one location for an event, have employees that are not typically on computers, or want a more personal/interactive/face-to-face experience for employees. 
  • Virtual programs are ideal when organizations: have employees scattered in different locations or in the field, have barriers in bringing together employees for any reason, have budget/travel restrictions that make in-person sessions less feasible, or would like to have the program spread out over a longer period of time.
Session Topics:  We offer a multitude of topics in the areas of the 4 branches of wellness:
Mindset/Mental, Social/Emotional, Physical/Environmental, and Financial/Occupational
  • Mindset/Mental topic examples
    • Mindfulness: A critical Practice for Performance and Well-being​
    • Building Mental Agility
    • The 5 Why's: Leveraging this Method for Making Personal Change
    • Time Can't be Managed and Has No Quality: Managing Yourself & Creating Meaningful Moments 
    • Want to Make a Change? Change Your Mind: The Power of Mindset
    • Demand Downsizing: Making Professional and Personal Demands Reasonable, Manageable, and Meaningful
    • Go for GRIT: Leveraging Growth, Resilience, Intention, and Tenacity for Success
    • Your Inner Thoughts: Strategies to Create Constructive Thoughts that Allow You to Thrive
    • Understanding the Rational Brain and how it impacts your work, health, relationships, and life
  • Social/Emotional​ topic examples
    • Creating a Life of Meaning and Joy​
    • Building Emotional Agility
    • Un-social media: Creating Positive Social Connections to Thrive
    • Emotional Awareness and Management to Thrive at Work and Home
    • The H Factor: The Role of Humanity in Performance and for Organizations
    • Collaboration and Teamwork
    • Negotiation and Compromise
    • Social Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • Physical/Environmental​
    • The Neuroscience of Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Performance
    • Nutrition for Cognition: Nutritional Strategies for the Aging Brain​
    • Brain Aging: Slow Brain Aging Through 5 Daily Strategies
    • Brain Performance: Enhancing Cognitive Capabilities
    • Gut-check: How a Healthy Gut Enhances Health and Performance
    • High-Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training: Maximizing Return on Investment
    • Sleep: The Why, What, When, and How for Health and Performance
    • Your Eating Philosophy: Deciding What Eating Style Allows You to Live the Life You Want
    • Sustainable Eating: Practical Ways to Reduce Your Food Carbon Footprint
    • Mindful Eating: Eat Less, Enjoy More
    • Travel Well: Strategies for Eating, Exercising, and Sleeping for Road Warriors
    • Creating an Environment of Success for Health and Well-being
    • The 9 Senses: What They Are and How They Impact Your Behaviors
  • Financial/Occupational
    • Stuck in a Work Rut: Simple Ways to Re-energize Your Role
    • Work Smarter, Not Harder
    • Reframing Stress and Preventing Burnout
    • Work/Life Integration: Finding Ways to Leverage the Best of Both
    • Growth Mindset
    • The Risks of Chasing Money and What to Chase Instead
    • Leveraging Business Principles to Improve Your Finances
Pricing information: Available in-person and virtual. Inquire for customized options.
  • Programs: 
    • In-person Speaking fee: $7,500 per day of speaking (additional speaking fees may apply depending on travel time)  + Travel costs: Actual expenses incurred
    • Virtual Speaking fee: $2,500 to $3,000 per virtual session (up to a 2-hour maximum at a time). For longer programs, sessions of 2 hours each is recommended. These can be spread out over a period of time depending on needs and program goals. The range in fee depends on several factors. 
    • Design or consulting fees may apply depending on the level of customization required. 
    • Sessions may be available in Spanish or Chinese. Additional fees may apply.
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