About Revitalize Project


Revitalize Project was founded with the vision of inspiring and empowering individuals to live the most vibrant and meaningful lives they can.  It also helps organizations and communities to create the culture that would enable that vision.   


Most people are so busy trying to balance the demands of their jobs, families, friends, and activities each day that they end up neglecting their own needs.  The may find themselves feeling tired, easily annoyed, forgetful, or a host of other things in the process.  They may feel like they have to choose between important people or activities.  They make sacrifices.  In the end, relationships, health, or performance may suffer. Revitalize Project provides science-based strategies that can make a difference.     


The trainers and coaches at Revitalize Project leverage the knowledge and tools that people already have and build upon them.  They listen to their audience to understand the issues and strategize on working through them in a way that is relevant and practical.  They use science, humor, stories, and examples that resonate with their audience.  They provide tangible and meaningful ideas for overcoming obstacles. They create an environment of trust and support to allow for honest and open discussions.  The trainers and coaches at Revitalize Project realize that every individual in the audience is a person with dreams and aspirations as well as a loved one to others. They feel honored to be able to call what they do 'work'.


The company was founded by Dr. Raquel Garzon, who has a passion for bringing information to life in a way that is relevant and meaningful for people.  Raquel brings her experience of working with a variety of audiences, such as corporate executives, medical professionals, military personnel, athletes, working moms, kids of all ages, immigrant and refugee communities, and global audiences, to Revitalize Project and its offerings.​​


Dr. Garzon has partnered with Dr. Jorgensen, who brings experience and expertise in the areas of financial, family, relationships, and career, to expand offerings in wellness to these critical areas. Even the most seasoned leader can feel stuck in one of these areas of life, which will ultimately impact sustainable high-level performance at work.


Dr. Garzon has also partnered with Monika Mojica, who is a renowned trainer in the area of unlocking creativity and innovative thinking, even in the most analytic people. Her training sessions are inspirational, completely experiential, and will leave participants knowing how to leverage creative thinking to solve everyday problems and innovate.

The majority of our clients have a global presence and we recognize the cultural nuances involved with employee training in different continents and countries. Revitalize Project has partnered with Dr. Bugay Turhan, who is located in Anakara, Turkey to deliver Resiliency and Wellness training in Europe. He has conducted a multitude of professional sessions across various countries in Europe and can connect with the needs and issues employees face.

Photo by Allen Paschel