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Excellent information, really great slides and content that can be used in coaching conversations with individuals.  

FANTASTIC presentation!!!!!  A lot of great details that I will bring back and apply to my own work and share with clients as well. 

Help clients to identify their self-sabotaging behaviors in order to close the knowing-doing gap via building self awareness and practicing mindfulness exercises. 

She's such a fantastic presenter. Really, really appreciated this REAL, truthful presentation. Very useful information for coaching personal health coach clients - life coaching skills as well. How can we push clients - mindset practices!  

The "scripting your inner voice" and "words matter" exercises will be something I can add to my wellness seminars to encourage participants to rethink how they use inner dialog to either help them succeed or to break down their resolve to change. 

This was an excellent presentation with lots of action items for application. The presenter was dynamic and extremely knowledgeable. 

Picture of a written review with positive notes on the quality of the presentation.

Generally, I ask clients to think of their best self, and describe it intensely. ---I generally try to help them focus on, I enjoyed the discussion about moving those goals closer. Of course, I do that - but Raquel's talk helped me see this in a different way. If the client doesn't really hang many tangible actions on that long goal, the small goals they set aren't likely to be as effective. 

I meet with clients daily who are struggling with their own mindset barriers. I loved Raquel's approach and her enthusiasm while presenting. 

Raquel provided a lot of key take always that I will incorporate. She provided the scene and the potential next steps or ideas to employ. 

SOOOO engaging and would gladly listen to her expand on the topic or something similar.

Absolutely would recommend!  She was extremely funny and relatable!  One of my favorite presenters hands down! 

Excellent, engaging speaker with amazing content. Content was woven into a framework that made sense to me personally and professionally.

Raquel Garzon was an amazing speaker - very knowledgeable and funny with some of her examples. She gave a lot of very practical information and strategies to use to help people work towards positive change. Loved her comment about creating a positive mindset..."practice makes permanent." 

Raquel was one of my favorite presenters. Very knowledgeable, she spoke extemporaneously, with a few great personal examples, and was also very organized. Great, great speaker. I would highly recommend her. 

Raquel was a great presenter. She was energetic and funny and kept your attention. She had great information to share and presented it in a very organized fashion. I would attend her sessions in the future. 

Raquel was knowledgeable, engaging, enthusiastic and provided a very elaborate presentation of different skills to employ and learn to move forward with behavior change. She worked well in providing information in small chunks and outlining the choice of health behavior change as our own mindset and how to cultivate that. 

Really enjoyed presenters energy and style.  Good evidence based material presented with passion, humor and practical application.  Racquel offered a great session, I would attend future presentations offered by her! 

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