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Coach Certification

  • The coach certification process is ideal for organizations that want to reach a large number of employees and/or have consistent follow-up or an internal champion on topics offered by Revitalize Project.
  • Coach certification allows designated and trained coaches within an organization to deliver programs at a lower cost and to adapt the content to fit the culture, issues, needs, and nuances of an organization.
  • Internal coaches of an organization do not necessarily need to be in a training, HR, or specified role to be a certified coach. They need to be passionate about the material, be willing to deliver training along with other typical job requirements, be engaging and inspiring to others in their delivery, and be willing to train often enough to retain coaching skills. The leadership of the organization and direct managers should be supportive of certified coaches and the work they do.
  • Coaches must attend the program they will deliver as a participant first, then attend a coach certification course.
  • Coach certification courses can be conducted in-person or virtually.
  • Coach certification is typically only available for signature programs. Inquire if you have customized needs to train coaches in your organization on topics offered in our workshops/presentation page on special topics.
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