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Consulting and Collabroations
Corporate Advisory Boards and Committees

Consider appointing a subject matter expert in the areas of health/wellbeing/resilience or diversity/inclusion to any advisory boards or committees working on strategy, initiatives, or special projects that may involve or impact these areas.


Dr. Raquel Garzon served on the PepsiCo Latino Advisory Board advising on the health and wellness platform for Latino and Hispanic consumers as well as diversity and inclusion for the organization.  She also served on the Blue Ribbon Advisory Board on Health and Wellness providing expertise in the area of nutrition for new product development and product improvement.

Business Discussion
Corporate Consulting: Resilience, Wellbeing, Performance Content/Programs/Strategy

Revitalize Project has experience advising corporations on training programs and content in the areas of wellbeing, resilience/burnout prevention, behavior change, and leadership. We can help you in any part of the process, such as needs assessments, strategy, planning, and implementation. We have experience with in-person programs, converting training to virtual environments, blended learning, and new content development. 

Focus on your expertise and experience and let us bring our expertise and experience to you. Don't bog yourself down in creating programs from scratch and leverage our offerings instead-this will enhance your productivity and allow you to invest your time and energy in more critical activities for your business.

Grants, Non-profit, and Community-based Resilience, Wellness, Youth Services

Consider involving one of our speakers, coaches, or subject matter experts in grants or community-based initiatives that would benefit from our expertise, content, or presentations. Our coaches and thought leaders have experience taking complex science and transforming it into meaningful and practical tools for communities all around the world. Why create content and programs from scratch when you can leverage our existing material and offer it to those who need it most through your organization. 

Inquire about how to partner on national and local grants or how to best collaborate on any community-based initiatives. We can share past experiences and best practices.

Partnerships and Collaboration on Global Initiatives

Revitalize Project is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with companies and organizations offering health, wellness, and related products and services in the area of global health.


Dr. Raquel Garzon has Doctor of Health Science with a concentration in Global Health and engages in outreach activities in the most marginalized communities when she travels overseas.  She has a passion for helping people around the world get access to the most basic human needs, such as education, shelter, clean water and sanitation, food, healthcare, and human rights.

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