Revitalize Project defines Wellness/Wellbeing as:

Maximizing how good you feel about your body, mind, emotions, and your inner purpose. Having the motivation, tools, and strategies to do what you need to or want to in life to the maximum of your individual potential and capability, considering internal and external factors that impact you and leveraging the resources you have available as you go through each stage of life. The focus is on what you can control, influence, or manage and assumes individual determination, responsibility, and ownership.

Revitalize Project defines Organizational Wellness/Wellbeing as:

Actively creating a culture, environment, structure, processes, principles, and leaders within an organization that inspire, empower, and enable employees to optimize their state of wellness/wellbeing as they see appropriate for themselves as defined above. It includes creating a culture of trust, autonomy, inclusiveness, belongingness, and emotional/social intelligence. The leaders in these organizations listen to understand, practice compassion and kindness, and are willing to accept feedback to continuously make changes as needed to promote  wellness/wellbeing as defined above.