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How does Revitalize Project define and approach Individual Wellbeing?
  • Enhancing the abilities and perceived wellbeing of your body, mind, and emotions so that you can maximize the impact of everyday moments and live a purposeful life.

  • Wellbeing includes the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, occupational, and social aspects of an individual.

  • Each individual differs in how they experience and achieve wellbeing.

  • Each individual sets their own standard and goals for personal wellbeing.

  • Internal and external factors that impact wellbeing are unique to each individual.

  • An individual's lived experience influences wellbeing and must be considered and respected.

  • Each individual will need to leverage the resources they have available or can acquire as they go through each stage of life and through varying circumstances to maximize wellbeing.

  • The focus is on what each individual can control, influence, or manage and assumes individual determination, responsibility, and ownership.

How does Revitalize Project define and approach Organizational Wellbeing?

  • Organizational Wellbeing is achieved by leaders actively investing in and creating a culture, environment, structure, processes, principles, and leaders/managers within an organization that inspire, empower, and enable employees to optimize their state of wellbeing as defined above.

  • It includes creating a culture of trust, autonomy, inclusion, belonging, growth, and emotional & social intelligence for all employees at every level.

  • The leaders in these organizations care about and respect every employee, listen to understand, demonstrate compassion and kindness, provide opportunities for employees to grow and develop, give all employees a voice, and are willing to accept feedback to continuously make changes to promote wellbeing for all employees.

  • The foundation of organizational wellbeing is the belief that results, outcomes, revenue, profit, and other measures are a by-product of employee wellbeing and engagement. No employee should feel that wellbeing can and will be sacrificed to achieve expected measures.

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