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The Sleep Prescription

Find out how a lack of sleep can increase your risk of disease, cause you to overeat, and prevent you from learning!  Also learn some tips to help you sleep enough.

Take Eating Into Your Own Hands! 1 of 2

[Part 1 of 2] Learn a way to estimate the right portion sizes of food for you instead of using standardized recommendations. Works well to lose weight and can be customized for anyone!


Take Eating Into Your Own Hands! 2 of 2

You will be able to adjust portions of food for yourself depending on your level of physical activity and weight goals.

How to Improve Your Golf Game From a Golf Fitness Expert!

In this episode we speak to Marcus Park (CPT, CMT, TPI-CGFI) Fit Coach, M1Performance. Marcus, a fitness consultant to professional and amateur golfers, explains how fitness can positively impact golf performance. Marcus outlines the critical components for a complete fitness golf program.

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Giving Into Temptations and What to Do About It!

Use meditation, visualization, journaling, vision and goal sharing, along with several other techniques to reduce the likelihood into giving into temporal discounting.


Full Body Workout on Home Playground

If you think you need to have a gym membership to get a workout, you're wrong.  Learn to get a full body workout on playground equipment that you might find at a park or perhaps your own backyard!

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