Workshop Series

  • These are workshops sessions booked as a series of 4 sessions to be delivered over a period of time. Some signature programs have also been designed to be delivered as a series.
  • A series works best for a group of people who can come together on a regular basis via webinar for sessions.
  • The workshop series is intended to deliver a series of topics to employees over a period of time so that they can implement practices from each session and then continue to build upon skills and strategies over a longer term.
  • Virtual webinar sessions are ideal when organizations: have employees scattered in different locations or in the field, have barriers in bringing together employees for sessions, or have budget/travel restrictions that make in-person sessions less feasible.
Workshop Series Topics:  An organization can customize any 4 workshop sessions to create a series. Some signature programs have also been designed to be delivered as a series.
Here are suggested series to consider:
  • The ART of Resiliency (signature program)
    • Stress and Resiliency​: What and Why
    • A Resilient Mind: Challenging Mindset and Reconstructing Thoughts
    • Resiliency Practices: A Focus on Mindfulness and Recovery
    • A Resilient Body: Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep Strategies
  • Thriving at Work and Home: Five Solutions to Reduce Financial Strain (signature program)​
    • Understanding Your Current Financial State, Practices, and Goals
    • Addressing Spending Leaks and Eliminating Debt
    • Methods for Saving and Investing
    • Building Credit and Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Physical Wellness Series (workshops)
    • Want to Make a Change? Change Your Mind: The Power of Mindset
    • High-Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training: Maximizing Return on Investment
    • Sleep: The Why, What, When, and How for Health and Performance
    • Any Nutrition workshop​
  • Holistic Series (1 workshop from each of the 4 branches of wellness)
    • Mindset/Mental
    • Emotional/Social
    • Physical/Environmental
    • Financial/Occupational
  • Custom Series (choose any 4 workshops from the workshop page)​
Pricing information:
  • Virtual webinar sessions:​ $8,000 to $12,000 for all 4 webinars, depending on customization, technology, and other factors. Volume discounts for multiple series or webinars available.
  • Limit of 100 participants per virtual session unless other arrangements have been made
  • Organization​ should leverage typical technology used internally for webinars to avoid technology issues with employees