Wellness programs

Most organizations offer some type of wellness program to their employees. Leaders recognize that healthy, engaged, and inspired employees are able to bring their best each day. However, many wellness programs being offered by corporations: are underutilized, only address physical health, do not seem to get results, or are not fully supported across the organization. Many programs focus on prevention (of disease), but ignore the idea of promoting higher levels of wellbeing for employees in their jobs and personal lives. It is also not sufficient to have leadership support of wellness programs, but instead leaders and managers must also have the ability to enable a culture of wellness for all employees. 


Revitalize Project offers employee-focused wellness services and solutions that are science-based and holistic in nature. Program components include: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, emotional management, resilience, grit, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and breathing, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, and discovering or deepening purpose and meaning in life. 


Wellness programs include specific training sessions for leaders and managers on understanding the factors that contribute to wellbeing and discussions on how to create a culture that fosters wellbeing.  Train-the-trainer sessions are also incorporated to train health champions within the organization to stay connected to employee wellbeing needs and desires as well as promote activities and initiatives offered in the organization.


Agile principles derived from the agile software development movement were adapted for the implementation of wellness programs by Raquel Garzon, President of Revitalize Project.  The 12 Principles of Agile Wellness Programs ensure that: the focus of wellness is on the employees, programs are adaptable as needed to meet their needs, offerings are meaningful and frequent, employees are trusted to engage in wellness the way they see best for them, experiences in wellness as judged by employees are the best way to measure progress, wellness is sustainable, wellness is simple, and the best ideas come from the employees. To see the full list of the 12 Principles of Agile Wellness Programs click the link below.


Services that are offered include: educational sessions, hands-on sessions, content in the form of handouts/videos/webinars/downloadables, program engagement tracking and reporting, program communication and marketing, leadership and management sessions, train-the-trainer programs, personal coaching, wellness community, and employee surveys. 

Our definition of wellness:

Revitalize Project defines wellness:  Maximizing how good you feel and how able you are to do what you need to or want to in life to the maximum of your individual potential and capability, considering internal and external factors that impact you and leveraging the resources you have available as you go through each stage of life. The focus is on what you can control, influence, or manage and assumes individual determination, responsibility, and ownership.

Revitalize Project defines organizational wellness: Creating a culture, environment, structure, processes, principles, and leaders within an organization that inspire, empower, and enable employees to optimize their state of wellness as they see appropriate for themselves as defined above.