As a speaker, trainer, writer, actor, and creativity expert, Monika Mojica has worked across the country with leaders and corporate executives sparking a connection  between creative and corporate culture. She has the unique ability to inspire and empower employees at all levels of an organization to unlock creativity to innovate and problem-solve in ways they did not realize they could. Her sessions are completely experiential and interactive in nature and push people outside their comfort zones to discover hidden strengths in creative thinking and communication tactics.


Monika founded her own theater company that utilizes actors to teach officers of the law to de-escalate crisis situations involving the mentally ill.  Through her reality- based scenario training programs, Ms. Mojica has trained officers of the law in SWAT team training, Crisis Intervention Training, Hostage Negotiating, and Mobile Crisis Training. She has worked extensively with child crisis care teams to overcome compassion burnout and helping them reconnect with their passion for serving others. She was a featured producer for a twelve-part series on the stigma of mental illness for national television and radio.


Monika has also taught acting for over 20 years. Her original plays and performance pieces have toured the country and Canada. She has been in over fifty stage plays and has been in several films and commercials.


Monika lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico with her husband and son. She is of Native American descent and enjoys hiking, yoga, and writing.