January 2, 2018

Changing our behaviors, especially the ones we have been doing for quite some time can be extremely challenging. Just consider how many New Year’s resolutions or similar goals fail to be accomplished within a month or two of getting started. There are many reasons that changing what we do is difficult. One factor is how we think or our mindset: our beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts about everything in our lives. Beliefs are the mo...

May 16, 2016

The first time I crossed more than 4 time zones was about 15 years ago when I was asked to travel from the United States to Madrid to give a presentation...on managing jet lag for business travelers.  Let's be clear that I had no personal experience with jet lag, but the people in my company at the time who did have expertise in this area did not speak Spanish. So there I was standing in a room full of 50 business travel journali...

There are so many options when it comes to workspaces in companies today. There are offices with doors and without doors. Transparent and non-transparent walls. There are cubicles with tall walls and those with short walls. Then there are the spaces with virtually no barriers or privacy between work areas. More companies are moving towards glass offices, open spaces, and areas for group work and conversation. The question is whet...

September 10, 2015


Many of us have used the SWOT tool for strategic planning purposes or for the evaluation of a specific project or process.  But, have you ever tried doing a SWOT analysis on a personal change goal you have in your life?  If you haven’t had a chance to do this, I highly encourage it!  Here are the advantages of a SWOT when it comes to making personal change: 


1.  It allows you to take time to reflect upon your own...

All or Nothing thinking.  Many of us subscribe to this way of living.  We either go all out on something or just don’t bother with it at all.  There is no in-between.


Examples of what people with this sort of thinking might do are:


  • Follow a strict diet (Vegan, Paleo, gluten-free, carb-free, raw food, point system, etc.) for a period of time, then eat whatever they want until the next strict diet comes along



If you don't decide what your life is about, it defaults to what you spend your days doing. ~Robert Brault


Many of us believe that we know where it is that we want to go in life and how we want to live.  At least we think we do.  Maybe a few of us have even written it down somewhere.  But many of us don’t realize just how many other people (some uninvited) have coauthored that imagined destination and way of life with us.  We mig...

I broke one of my travel rules this week.  Yes-I watched the in-flight movie instead of working...I admit it.  But, what I learned is that sometimes it pays to break the rules.  The movie-Spare Parts-which had come highly recommended by a recent participant in one of my programs in Mexico, was definitely worth the watch!  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, please do. 


It is based on a true story about a gr...


My daughter, Tatiana, requested this post in honor of Tourette Syndrome awareness month.  It is an updated post first published in a parent blog I did in 2013.


The first time I noticed Tatiana’s tics was one day while she was watching television.  She was only 18 months old and didn’t talk yet.  She would open her mouth really wide and squint her eyes, almost like she was yawning, but much bigger and very sudden...like jerk...

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

-Author Unknown


I spent Memorial Day weekend camping with my family.  We usually go camping once a year over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, escaping from the eating and shopping frenzy that seems to contradict the very point of being thankful for what we have (another topic altogether). 


I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about...

We all know that what we eat affects our bodies and our minds.  We might also realize that ideal brain function depends on the consumption of certain vitamins/minerals and can benefit from other functional components found in foods.  However, we may not know what foods are highest in these beneficial compounds or we may not be making the effort to consume these foods as regularly as we could. 


Here is a list of 10 foods...

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