Revitalize with Awareness!

Awareness is the knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists. It means being attentive and well-informed. Being aware is a critical key to change and is often the first step. Being intentional and strategic in our daily actions, thoughts, and self-management is dependent on awareness. Often times, when we think about making change we get very focused on "what" we need to do and "how" we need to do it. Although those are important in execution, having the "what" and "how" in place does not translate to actually wanting to do it and recognizing what supports or derails you from doing it. Those are actually the areas that contribute to initiation and continuation of a

Revitalize with Self-Care

Self-care is the elusive ideal we never seem to get to in our day. Between the demands and pressures at work and then the never-ending requests, needs, and to-do lists in our personal lives, how do you figure out "me" time? Cognitively, we recognize that if we don't take care of ourselves, we could potentially compromise what we do for others down the line....but that down the line part is what causes us to make short-term choices in favor of anything but self-care. So how do you bring that line closer to the present? Think about small amounts of self-care at a time, not the all-or-nothing type which involves eating perfectly, working out for an hour, and going to bed by 10. What are a just

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