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Are employees in your organization experiencing these issues?

Fatigue, worn out, lack of spark, burnout

Feeling stuck, losing drive, lacking passion

Difficult Path.jpg

Analysis-Paralysis, lacking creativity, difficulty innovating

Work/life integration issues, lacking time, difficulty prioritizing

Overload, stress, anxiety, pressure, too many demands, excess meetings

Financial stress, lack of direction, mental health issues

The consequences of any of these issues has an impact on individuals and organizations.  The negative consequences can show up for individuals in their health, relationships, performance, and outlook on life. Organizations can be impacted tremendously from a productivity, financial, culture, satisfaction, and retention perspective. We have expertise in the science of integrating the most critical factors that impact these issues and over 20 years of experience in working with individuals and organizations to inspire, empower, and enable change in these areas. If you are looking to create a win-win-win situation in which individuals, families, and organizations all benefit, then our programs and workshops are for you.

Revitalize Project specializes in 4 critical branches of wellness/wellbeing.

  • Mindset/Mental

  • Social/Emotional

  • Physical/Environmental

  • Financial/Occupational

The roots of every program/workshop and intervention:

Our philosophy:

At Revitalize Project we believe that every individual deserves the chance to live a vibrant and meaningful life. People who feel that they are contributing to something of significance and have strategies for living healthy are better equipped to give their best to their work, families, and communities.


Organizations that are able to create and sustain a culture where people feel they are making a difference and where people have the ability to make choices that contribute to their personal well-being will have more engaged employees that bring their best each day. Employees should feel equipped to balance analytical thinking with creativity and innovative problem-solving at every level of the organization.


Our offerings are relevant, appropriate, and meaningful so that individuals and organizations can achieve what truly matters.

Signature Programs

Keynote and signature sessions are available in-person, virtual, and also as a series.


Coach Certification

Train individuals in your organization to deliver programs at a lower cost and adapt the content to fit your needs.

Consulting & Collaborations

Receive subject matter expertise through advisory and consulting positions.

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